Web Instructions

About Gulf Impex Website

Our web site shows our entire and complete inventory, updated in real-time. The In Stock quantity is displayed online. Once you have logged in, just fill in the quantity you desire in the open box on each line item that you want to order. Then click the ‘add to cart’ button on the category, subcategory or product page.

Lastly, checkout and select your shipping method and submit your order. Shortly thereafter you will receive an order confirmation email.

Our goal is to ship all orders received by 4 PM on the same business day.

Online Order Tracking

Once your order has shipped you will receive a shipment confirmation email with tracking information; you can also log into the Gulf Impex ‘Track Order’ (link to: http://gulfimpex.in/my-account/) page 24 hours a day 7 days a week and click on your order number..

A Couple Of Basic Points About Our Service:

    1. If you order something and it arrives and is not what you expected, we will take it back with no questions asked. Your risk is paying freight both ways. These claims must be filed within the first 48 hours after receiving product – we feel this is a reasonable amount of time.
    2. Frivolous returns due to poor sales of an item, lack of technical understanding or interest in getting an item to work properly, are not acceptable to us.
    3. Price Protection: We are the most aggressively priced company in the industry. Because of this, we pass price reductions through as soon as it is possible. This results in sometimes rapid decreases in price. A customer who ordered immediately before such a reduction is sometimes upset that they ‘paid too much’. A customer who orders just afterwards is usually quite satisfied with the new pricing. If you are a long term customer of ours, no doubt you will experience both sides of this. While single incidents of being on the wrong side of a price reduction can be annoying, we hope you feel that over time, the net benefits of dealing with us are significant.
    4. Please, no refused shipments or bad checks. We utilize a 3-strikes system. A strike is earned by refused shipments, bad checks and other obvious cases of poor judgement. After three strikes, we will politely decline future business. This is our way to build better relationships with customers who we feel are astute business persons and who will be there in the long run.
    5. Minimum Order is Rs. 10000.00 For orders under Rs. 10000.00, there is a Rs. 500.00 surcharge.
    6. Returns – please pack any suspected defective items as if they were new. We find that nearly 50% of all returned items are in fact working.

The Last Word

We are genuinely interested in long term relationships. It is important to us that our customers are successful.. While we have rules that we feel draw a reasonable line between the sometime conflicting interests of buyer and seller, we are also reasonable people and are willing to discuss anything that may concern you.